So last Wednesday I got to spend quite a lot of time in the hospital.

At the point at which I got the call to say that Dan was in A&E, I had in fact only just got back from the exact same hospital, where I’d been having my 20-week scan.

JTA and I watched as the nice ultrasound lady tried to get measurements and make observations of our offspring while said offspring twisted and squirmed in every direction.

This is our baby. You can see here its head, torso, one knee and part of an arm. Seriously, Tiny's a squirmer.

Apparently, our future daughter is never happier than when she has both feet in her face and her arms flailing around. Oh, yes, and also, she’s a girl*. Our ultrasound operator zoomed right in on her genitals, gave us a picture of them (which I won’t be putting online) and then suggested we might want to go home and google other ultrasound pictures of unborn children’s naughty bits for comparison. Which was all a bit unsettling.

But yeah, all seems well with the extra person I’m growing. She has all the requisite limbs and organs, and no obvious defects. Yay!


* Probably. Determining the gender at this point is an inexact science.

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Nah, when it’s your own you get to see its winkie (or lack thereof). It’s pretty easy to figure out what kind your own are, it’s just other peoples that are a problem.

Unless you’re talking about gender as a social construct, in which case, meh. So long as Tiny plumps for one or the other, I’ll be happy.

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