Exciting news! After our previous failed attempt, JTA and I have successfully made another proto-baby.

This one’s called Tiny, and has made it past the 12 week mark. Even better, it’s got arms and legs and a heartbeat and moves around all by itself. Progress!

My due date is New Year’s Eve, which is a bit freaky since that’s exactly a year since Jethrik turned out to be a quitter.

I’ve not managed to regain the giddy euphoria I felt last time round, but now that I’m out of the first trimester (also known as “the 8 week period when I felt sick all the time, was sick quite often, and couldn’t tell anyone” – frickin’ morning sickness), I’m feeling a sort of quiet excitement about this whole process. I know everyone’s doing babies at the moment, and it’s terribly old hat, but screw it – I’m joining the club 🙂

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Yay! Massive congratulations, that’s really splendid news. Let me know if you want to meet up soon (we should, it’s been too too long) and if you need any tips on the best places around Oxford to buy baby stuff (hint, not Oxford). Aah, I’m so happy for you all!

Thanks 🙂

It’d be lovely to meet up, we haven’t seen you in aaaaaaaaaages. Kind-of busy at the moment with the whole buying a house thing (why did no-one tell me how hard that is?!), but maybe in August?

Of course, though Dan tells me you’re nearly there so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and you’re in soon. Some time in August would be great, just let me know when you’re free and what you fancy doing, I’ll probably have wee man in tow but hey, at least we know you like babies right?!

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