Moving on

It’s over. I’m ending it. I’ve found something better.

We’ve been together in an on-again, off-again sort of way since I was a naive young student. We’ve had our good times, but recently it hasn’t been working for me. You’re not holding my interest, and I know I’m not making you happy the way I used to.

Yes, next week I’ll be leaving NAG and going to work at Oxford Brookes University. I hope we can still be friends.

Coincidentally, I’ve decided to launch a new blog. My old student one was a bit, well, studenty, and ending it after I got married felt very natural. I’m hoping to write more sober, more considered things on this one. Whether I’ll stick to that remains to be seen…

There’ll certainly be a greater number of boring opinion pieces on the technological questions which interest me (currently software development processes and DevOps). You have been warned.

Wait – I don’t know you!

That seems implausible. Don’t you have better things to do than read an unknown blog, hypothetical stranger?

But OK, here’s the synopsis.

I am a professional and voluntary software developer, living in Oxford with my husband and my boyfriend. I enjoy geek things, such as board games, well-constructed TV shows, and fantasising about having enough time to play computer games. I also like to do domestic stuff – baking, gardening, inviting people round and then overfeeding them. In my imaginary spare time, I volunteer with FESS, part of the Red Cross, and with Three Rings, a not-for-profit organisation that supplies administrative services to charities. It’s both cooler and more interesting than I just made it sound.

2 replies on “Moving on”

Hurrah! I’d suggest that you break a bottle of champagne against the side of this, your new blog, except…

(a) I can’t imagine that that’s very good for the computer that hosts it, and

(b) I’d far rather be drinking the champagne!

In any case: well done!

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